Well, a lot happened in my life in the last couple of years. I had the best moments of my life at school due to my friends but also lost a lot of individuals once close to me. Let’s just talk about the good stuff though!

My First Programming Language

Researching about programming, I became interested in that field. During the last months of 2015, during my school holidays, I set out to learn Python since it was the easiest and most suitable to learn. I started by taking up that course on the Sololearn Android app. I really loved its syntax and what could be done with programming languages. Then, I started learning some Python modules such as Django and PyGame. At school, I showed my friends what I could do. They were somewhat impressed by me making simple games using PyGame or just drawing random shapes. I found myself being attracted towards making video games. Someone asked me if whether that’s all I could do. This just happened to be the sentence needed to start my developer career.

Being a developer

The thing that attracted me most in making video games was the ability to materialise my imagination and have the power to do everything I wanted in a video game. I also found this enjoyable and with a lot of support and encouragements, here I am!

I installed the Unity 3d game engine on my laptop. I spent some hours on YouTube trying to figure out how to do things in it and managed to make a little terrain, placed a character and added some joysticks. This was the 4th of June 2016. I downloaded the sdk and built Mud, my first video game. It was far from perfect and a lot of things could be greatly improved but I was proud of what I did. The next day at school, I screamed that I made a video game and everyone was really impressed. I followed some tutorials for the rest of the year while updating Mud and going to forums learning how to fix errors I was getting or trying to figure out how to do things in my game. Mud became a big open world game and had a lot of vehicles and stuff but its biggest flaw was that it didn’t offer any missions or aims. The game really lagged too since there were too many things and after learning quite a lot, I planned and developed Mud 2. It was far better and offered a lot of locations and new things over the original Mud but the same big flaw stayed. This along with Racing Asylum, a car racing video game, were the games I worked on in 2016. I also had articles written about me making video games and interviews. By the way, I worked on some other projects and made several other games. You can read more about the main games I worked on the website of KinesisGames.

What I did next

I did all the courses offered by Sololearn and to this day I’m still learning new things such as Flutter or JavaScript libraries. I’m still developing video games and continuously carrying out my research on how to improve the video games I make. I’ve gotten better and better at it with years and I’m considering to make a living out of it.