Basically, the Google Code-In is an annual event hosted by Google where 13-18 y/o students can participate. Selected open-source organisations create tasks. Students claim, do and submit these tasks. This event goes on for some 1.5 months. In the end, students who have contributed more to the projects of open-source organisations are selected as winners or finalists. You should probably read more about it on its official website. I really learnt a lot during this whole time and wasn’t that bad in completing tasks. I learnt how to ssh, learnt regex and even became quite good in HTML/CSS. I was chosen as a finalist and was a bit deceived not having been a winner but I find the work I did insufficient for being a winner anyway. I’d probably have reached that other step if I knew some more stuff before the contest. Then, I contributed to some open source projects on github and made a lot of important changes and new features. Before participating in the Google Code-In, I had no idea what terms such as vagrant, ansible, isort, flake8, coveralls, travis ci, git, markdown, docker images and python tests meant. I’ll forever be grateful to my mentors during GCI, to Google and to everyone else having helped me to learn and understand what I know today. I now know the value of open source and I’ll continue to contribute to it.

What happened next

Like I said previously, I’m still learning new things and developing video games. I enjoy the things I do even if I’m really very busy these days. Sometimes I maintain my websites too. I participate in some events from time to time, win some contests and have articles written about me. I also form part of an organisation now, We are a team of open source developers and represent our country in tech events and hackathons. I feel really proud of what I can do or know even if I’m not practically perfect or anything. Sometimes I also tinker with my Raspberry PI using my phone via VNC and a hotspot, and at school, I have an activity club to teach students about how to make videogames. That’s it for my unusual life yet! There’ll probably be more webpages on this website. Follow me on social networks to be updated on what I do!