My name is Kishan Takoordyal. I am primarily a video game developer focussed mainly on the programming side of things. As well as having been a Google Code-In finalist in 2018, I specialise in many fields of tech including web development. I always look forward to participating in hackathons such as IETF’s or locally hosted ones along with, an organisation comprising of several other open-source contributors and experts I form part of in my home country, Mauritius, while occasionally trying out new linux distros.

Besides everything related to tech, I have the following qualities:

  • I rock a great mustache.
  • I’m extremely loyal to my family.
  • I’m funny with a pinch of shitty puns.

What else do you need?

My History

To be honest, I’m having some trouble remembering right now, so why don’t you just visit my personal website and it will answer all your questions.